Treatment Price List



Advanced Allergy Therapeutics (AAT)

          Initial Consultation & Treatment (1 hour)                                                 $150

          Follow up Treatment (30 minutes)                                                           $ 95


Signature Rejuvenating Facial Treatment

Includes: cosmetic acupuncture, microcurrent, LED light therapy, facial cupping,                    facial gua sha, facial acupressure massage, full body acupuncture treatment, and/or ear seeds.

           Consultation (20 minutes)                                                                     Free

           1.5 hours                                                                                             $225

           2 hours                                                                                               $275


Cosmetic Acupuncture Treatment

Includes: cosmetic & body acupuncture, LED light therapy, facial cupping, facial gua sha and ear seeds.

1 hour                       $175

Microcurrent Facial Treatment

Includes: microcurrent facial treatment, facial cupping, facial gua sha, and ear seeds.

1 hour                       $175

Microneedling Treatment with LED light therapy

Includes: microneedling treatment, LED light therapy, product application,                            take home instructions and products to use for 24 hours post treatment.    

          Consultation                                                                                        Free

          Treatment (1 hour)                                                                               $150 

          Instruction for at home treatment plus a derma roller (30 minutes)          $ 75


Acupuncture & herbs

Includes: acupuncture, cupping, gua sha, ear seeds, diet and herbal consult.                        

          Initial Consultation & Treatment (1.5 hours)                                             $175

          Follow up Treatments (1 hour)                                                                $150

          Follow up Treatment (1.5 hour)                                                               $175


Acne Treatments

Includes: acupuncture, LED light therapy, herb and diet consult. Two treatments a week are needed.

         Initial Consultation & Treatment (1.5 hours)                                              $175

         Acupuncture Treatment with LED light therapy (1 hour -once a week)         $150

         LED light therapy with herb/diet check (30 minutes - once a week)             $45


Detox therapies

Includes: infrared sauna, chi machine and detox supplements.     

         Consultation                                                                                          Free

         Individual Session                                                                                  $45

         10 Session Package                                                                                $400